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The result is that we’re now back on track and making great strides again, which is a great feeling. It stands as a brand in its own right, and also the mobile app for all our web-based brands. When a member of – for example – Free Dating In Brighton downloads MLM and logs in, she sees the brand “Meet Lovely Me, powered by Free Dating In Brighton”.All her settings, profile, photos and messages are already loaded into the app, and she can pick up where she left off.A lot senior citizens are single or single again at this time of their life.And it is relatively harder for them to meet like-minded senior singles in their daily life.FDP now owns and operates over 400 freemium dating brands in the UK, Australia and the US, including our flagship brands Underpinning all these brands is the FDP cross-promotion system that binds them all together, presenting them to the right members at the right time in their lifecycle with us.

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1) So Tim, FDP has gone through some changes recently. In reality, that’s a difficult aim to deliver on, and it’s been a busy and exciting couple of years for us.

"Ever since we got back from Christmas break, my roommate had been talking about how she needed a date to her formal, but she has been studying so hard for the MCAT that she hasn't been able to go out and meet people.

She kept complaining, so I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Regardless of the site they first join on our network, all our members are aware of Meet Lovely Me before downloading it, because it is the name of the “swiping game” that features across the entire platform. For FDP, it enables us to run a single mobile app rather than hundreds, which would be impossible to maintain.

It also gave us a populated and active mobile app from Day One, as everyone on the mobile app can connect with those on the web platform, and vice versa.

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