Dating pregnancy irregular periods dating for gaymen

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A woman with a regular period cycle knows about her ovulation date.She can easily see the changes in her cervical mucus and decide what stage she is at. A woman with an irregular cycle cannot pinpoint when she ovulates because her period occurs at any time of the month and maybe more than once. It is when there is no ovulation during that particular menstrual cycle.I have very irregular periods so when I missed a few it wasn't a big deal, until we starting trying to have a baby.I would test randomly if you are trying to get pregnant.

The low levels of HCG could indicate: Due to the wide variation in HCG levels from woman to woman, having a lower beta number does not necessarily indicate a pregnancy complication.

Such condition is not only challenging but also a diseased state.

A woman needs to take proper treatment for such a condition.

Quantitative tests measure the amount of HCG in the blood in milli-international units per milliliter.

Generally called beta numbers, a number less than 5 indicates no pregnancy, while over 25 means a woman is pregnant, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

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