Dating sober alcoholic

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These popular methods quickly rid the body of the drug, but negative side effects are common, since these methods don’t address the patient’s physical dependence on the drug.The body reacts severely because the chemical processes in the brain are being disrupted; alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, and others interfere with the GABA receptors in the brain.The GABA system is the body’s main down regulator, and withdrawal causes it to go crazy. With serious drug or alcohol problems, a medical detox may be advised to make sure you don’t suffer through symptoms that could end up killing or seriously injuring you.Once you’re past the worst of it, you could try replacing your electrolytes, eating complex carbohydrates to make sure you don’t develop hypoglycemia as a side effect of withdrawal, and taking vitamin B, which helps heal cells, like the nerves that are damaged by drug or alcohol abuse.

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You may have emotional symptoms as well, like mood swings, confusion, or depression, and these can make it hard to stick to the detox program or rehab treatment.I have 39 days of sobriety after being active in my addiction for the past three years; before that, I had four years of sobriety." Working in the field of recovery is something I love; I'm passionate about it. I can only hope my pain will be someone else's gain and I will continue to live one day at a time.The truth is this: I relapsed, I surrendered and I am getting help.""My hope is that my vulnerability may help to foster humility in those still suffering.The more drugs or alcohol you take, the more difficult it will be when you try to quit.When all is said and done, many addicts will try to quit at some point, but many fail when they lack a properly structured detox program.

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