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"We're talking about educating students about the danger of dating violence, but we're saying to gay and lesbian students, 'You're not a part of this,'" said Warren Redman-Gress, director of the Alliance for Full Acceptance in Charleston.

"It excludes gays and lesbian students from protection." Gress' organization and other gay rights groups have pulled together to fight the bill and are encouraging supporters to contact lawmakers.

Brady said she was upset last year when Delleney amended her bill to only reference heterosexual couples.

"Definitely, the bill was hijacked," Brady said of Delleney's amendment.

Ana Marie Zipagan Prevention Program Intern What is a “dating bill of rights”?

To me, it means rights both people in a dating relationship should have.

At issue is an amendment to the bill, added on the House floor last year by Rep.

Greg Delleney, R-Chester, that defined a dating partner as "a person involved in a heterosexual dating relationship with another." Gay rights advocates are calling foul.

I’ll be live today signing legislation to strengthen protections for domestic violence victims in Ohio at 5pm.Typically, males use physical force to assert control, while females use it to protect themselves, to retaliate, or because they fear an assault.This type of abuse includes hair-pulling, biting, shoving, slapping, choking, strangling, punching, kicking, burning, using or threatening use of a weapon, and forcibly confining someone.Delleney has said it's inappropriate for school districts to discuss same-sex relationships with children. Joan Brady, R-Richland, said her intent is to raise awareness and protect young people from violence that can occur in dating situations.Brady points to a new state Department of Education survey that shows, in 2009, one in six S. high school students reported being hit or physically hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend. "This is a growing problem in South Carolina, and we need to address it," said Brady, whose original bill did not specify whether couples were heterosexual or homosexual.

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