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A judge in Saskatoon ruled against a pet custody application in 2016, saying: “After all is said and done, a dog is a dog.

At law it is property, a domesticated animal that is owned. For legal purposes, there can be no doubt: Dogs are property.” An Ontario Court of Appeal judge said in 2005 that a dog “is no different than any other property; for example, a ring or a painting.” But Sankoff says the argument that pets are simply chattel in a home displays a fundamental misunderstanding of people.

He loved to be in the show ring and loved all the attention! Kona is the daughter Swiss Ridge Whitney’s Zoey and Champion Fabio Van de Knuffelberg. He earned his Canadian Championship in just a few short weekends.

Zoey comes from some wonderful breeders in Ontario. Her mother is Whitney Cierne Kralovstvo and comes from Bernese Mountain dog breeders in Slovakia.

CKC Bernese mountain dog breeders: We often have Bernese mountain dogs for sale or Bernese mountain dog puppies for sale.

“The truth is, as you point out, we are treating animals more and more like our children than we are as our property."Dogs are possessive of traits normally associated with people, like personality, affection, loyalty, intelligence, the ability to communicate and follow orders, and so on.As such, many people are bonded with their dogs and suffer great grief when they lose them." Some mediators and social workers who help people negotiate breakups recommend that couples buying or adopting a dog or cat come up with a pet pre-nuptial agreement that sets out how they will handle custody in the event of a split.And he says courts already consider emotional attachment to property, such as a much-loved cottage or a family heirloom.“The difference between the cottage and the dog is that the way the law treats it now is that whoever puts the money out of their pocket owns the dog, even though what we know in reality is that couples really make these decisions together,” said Sankoff. You actually think about it and invest in that decision together.

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