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Richmond has changed very much for the worst, I don't drive near there anymore.Is this person your Z suspect, Because around 63/64 I met a very strange person at Lucky Lanes who could have been Kane, who didn't talk, but had someone else do his talking for him. Doug, in one of her posts, Sandy gave the exact date of September 29, 1969, which was just two days after Lake Berryessa attack.Back when it happened (both times) I didn't feel that I could talk about it with anyone, so I repressed it.I'm remembering bloody knees and elbows, and having to pick gravel out with a tweezers from when I hit the ground the first time.

---- Also if the Soscol Bar was right next to either hyw.If you think that I am making all this up then I suggest you stop waisting your time and mine.The necklace was loaned out to a SF privet investigator who wanted to show it to someone.I think the z killer himself put this in the Vallejo news paper Aug 27th 69. The scary part is that my husband looked over my shoulder and asked, "Who's that? Then you can go to the links Tom has, and find Zodiac Vortex to see the picture I have of Kane.Let us know if this is the guy you saw many yrs ago. You mentioned that when this all started you had been at the Melody club in Vallejo speaking with some friends from Richmond. I don't know you, I'm just putting two and two together.

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