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These old desks are lovely to look at and more useful than you might imagine.

There are thousands of school desks in existence, many of them dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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Factors affecting the value of the desk include age, condition, configuration, and scarcity.Closest was the Maryhill Disaster, but everything was cleared out for me that day. On a brighter note, my company has secured a new festival, so got an early start to the festival season I used to take the stuff I wanted and bin the rest. The way it works these days is not as it used to in the past. ): PS: didn't say where I moved because of the troll and etc on here... Was the twunt in a timber yard that processed every sodding order and organised the pickers n drivers.As a contractor for many years I enjoyed the challenge of a new environment. I've left many people behind who promised to stay in touch but never did. I do work in an office but I do science stuff which I find totally absorbing, so, I could be anywhere physically. In the past, you where funded to solve a problem and how long that takes you is irrelevant as long as you can show progress. Logistics is a mine field n was never off the phone. Was the twunt in a timber yard that processed every sodding order and organised the pickers n drivers.Some people adapt very quickly to change and some don't.. I could have had him jailed if I'd exposed the rip offs he done to customers. If a customer tries to tell me my job i just pack my things up and tell them to do it themselves. Christ you'd be treading on eggshells each day waiting on some professionaly offended arsehole moaning about something. Said twat got moved stores because everyone laughed at him. You taking pies, caramel wafers and irn bru with you? Was there no a programme on about that in the last couple of years? Paperwork and lectures and rubbish of the sort should be done by who is competent at it. Long hours during the season, but no desk work."I like being able to visit different areas, towns, nations etc through work. Also get stuck on VIP but they ar tossers who think they are summat I've chatted wi a few big names...I hope this relocate is the start of something positive for you :-)Bryan Good luck in the new job 10ky. Most of my working life up until now has been bar work and shop work. The geezer tried a blame game but me and my union rep fought all the way. But apart from that work is a means to paying my bills and the rest for socialising. Years back when work was well tight one crimbo i actually gave it a thought about working nights at tesco filling shelves. Some early 20's geezer shouting at the shelf stackers for not working hard enough lol stevie (who was in his late 40's) slapped the twat. Every job means a different boozer to have a pint in after work. Some of it would make snowflakes cry like big girls blouses. it's their entourage that are right pains Boyd Tunnock is what we affectionately call a nawbag in some parts.

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