Did debby ryan dating cole sprouse

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co-stars, and in her interview, she was asked why she’s so private about her love life.The 21-year-old actress has been dating her co-star Cole Sprouse for months, but they rarely comment about it. "Boy do I need new friends," I mutter under my breath. I'll phone them both now to see if they want to come hang on." I dial the number in my phone and it begins to ring... ) were spotted arriving back in Vancouver to continue filming their show on Monday (October 9) in British Columbia, Canada.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cole Sprouse The two actors have been spotted traveling together already, even going out for dinner dates and trips, but they’ve yet to confirm whether or not they’re actually dating.KJ followed shortly after me and I made us both café lattes to drink on the sofa. Anyway I told Roberto that I'm leaving for in three days, Tuesday to California until the following Sunday.

I went to the room with the coffee machine and sofas inside the school we were using to film. I might bring her and Dylan here for a few days to meet you all.

"Ahhh bro I always wanted to meet Dylan, he's always been my favourite Sprouse twin." "Fuck you man, I'm obviously the most beautiful," I say, standing up to make a beauty pose.

We both laugh, drink our coffees and talk for a while before Lili and Madelaine enter the room. Flying to Mt Seymour so put your names down if you're coming," Madelaine exclaims excitedly, forcing a piece of paper with a list of names on it in my hand.

" "Oh yes I was about to ask the both of you actually if you would like after our Seattle photoshoot to come back here to Vancouver and come skiing with my friends from set? " "Okay great I'll buy us the flight tickets but you can all pay me back once we're there okay? Oh and by the way, can Lili come to your birthday party, she's dying to meet you." "Yes of course!

I watched Lili from afar as she rehearsed her next scene.

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