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Workaround: click OK on the warning dialogs, and hope it really is a host pool!

When making an SSH connection using password authentication, the user/password dialog box can lose focus (become greyed out), so you can't type into it.

These are legitimate warnings because a host pool looks to SSH exactly like man-in-the-middle attack.

This happens with any SSH client, not just K95, and it's one of many reasons it's better to use Kerberos security than SSH, but that horse left the barn a long time ago.

Or try maximizing the window as suggested in the previous item, make the desired adjustments, and then restore it.

When you exit from K95, any font adjustments that you made are remembered unless you picked an old font like Fixedsys that doesn't have all the features of the more modern True Type or Open Type fonts.

The real solution is to set the monitor to a higher resolution (if possible) in the Display section of the Windows Control Panel, or else to use a smaller font size and/or smaller screen dimensions (rows and/or columns); if you are using the Dialer to set up the connection, you can configure the screen dimensions on the entry's Terminal page, and the font and font-size on the GUI page.

This happens because (a) Kermit 95 uses SSH compression by default, and (b) new SSH server releases have changed their compression method.

Client Workaround: tell Kermit 95 to "set ssh compression off" and/or uncheck the "Data Compression" box on the SSH page of the Dialer entry for any host where this happens.

This is the most common symptom of a problem that occurs if Kermit 95 is started in such a way that its window would be wider or taller than the physical screen size at the configured resolution.

In this case Windows constantly pops the main K95 window into focus because it "needs attention".

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