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So it's no wonder Le Ann Rimes' romantic connection with her partner appeared stronger than ever as the couple enjoyed a low-key stroll along Vancouver's Seawall on Sunday afternoon.

The country music singer, 35, bundled up against the Canadian city's chilly climes in a fluffy hooded jumper as the pair walked their dog by the tourist attraction.

"But the way that I know her, I think it's more of like she's the mama bear where if she feels threatened, she's gonna lash out.

“I don’t think she wants to be my friend, even though I’ve reached out and tried to be nice, and I’ve offered a ‘Hey – let’s go to coffee next time I’m LA.’ And I got, [mimics Le Ann responding with a huffy voice] ‘Well, as long as Eddie can come too! Dean laments about being labeled an “ex-husband and backup dancer” in the press, because he hasn’t danced since 2002."You have so many people that walk around on eggshells.She's not always tactful of her timing of things, but what are you gonna do? "I wouldn't prefer to have anyone else in my corner if this sh-- was going down, so she's a good girl." , host Greta Titelman gets Personal on everything from parenting myths to penis size with a (hilarious) panel of comedians, commenters, and experts. Roshini Raj in the episode above, and check back each Wednesday for new episodes, new guests, and a whole new set of issues.“I didn’t see them until the end and then I didn’t talk to them, because we’re not talking.” Dean referenced the latest incident to inflame the never-ending Br Ed Le feud: Reservationgate. For Eddie to like say that – it’s like, dude, check your f–king Wikipedia!“Apparently I go after them to stay relevant,” Brandi snarked, “and so my question is: If I wanted to go after someone to stay relevant, wouldn’t I go after someone who’s actually relevant? ” Dean corrects her that she means IMDB, and Brandi remarks that there’s “nothing happening” on either.

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