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“I don’t want to get married to a foreigner because I want a liberal person; there are tons of Egyptian liberal men, that’s not the point for me.

“My family is rather conservative, but they wouldn’t object to us marrying as long as he converts to Islam.However, as the couple broke up after four years, Nesma changed her outlook on the stereotypes she had associated with her partners’ origins.“Through the relationship, I realised that trouble follows; that possessive relationships are not just an Egyptian thing,” she says. A big part of the reason we are not together is the mentality, which is kind of oppressive; so I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter whether someone is a foreigner or not; it’s the personality,” she points out.“My family accepted it since the beginning and gets along really well with him,” she says.When in the streets, however, she often felt harassed as passers-by would frown at the sight of an Egyptian woman with a non-Arab man.

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