Fat pear dating

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For the most up to date statistical data on United States and World production numbers please refer to the following two websites: World: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Statistics Division (FAOSTAT).

FAOSTAT Plant A medium sized, upright growing tree, to 30 ft tall, generally 8-18 ft in cultivation.

The industry value was 6 million in 2004; growers received 16 ¢/lb in 2004.

The leading states are WA, CA, and OR, in that order.

Pears probably came to the new world with the first settlers on the east coast, and spread westward with pioneers.

When moved to the Pacific northwest in the 1800s, European pears were able to escape fire blight, a serious bacterial disease that limited pear cultivation in the east.

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However, productivity is best on deep, well-drained loams with p H 6-7.Its probable progenitors are native to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor near the Mediterranean, but it is not known when they may have hybridized to yield .The European pear has been selected and improved since prehistoric times, and was cultivated in Europe in 1000 BC.‘Bartlett’ is the most common pear cultivar in the world, and represents about 75% of US pear production.Like its relative the apple, the European pear is not found in the wild.

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