Feminism dating

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to be a pretty good assessment:"Right now, my basic litmus test is this: Is he interested in feminist issues when I bring them up?

While 95 percent of men said they were in favor of their female date initiating a first kiss, only 29 percent of women said they had actually done so.

Because of feminism, I knew I was looking for an equal. ), and there are a lot of men out there who probably wouldn’t date me.

At the same time, if they want a woman who is subservient, has no opinions, and constantly strokes their ego, they are better off looking somewhere else.

The good news for all of the enterprising bosses out there is that entrepreneurialism was named as singles’ number-one modern-day turn-on (this was true for both men and women). We’re happy to hear that those qualities are finally getting the positive attention they deserve.

“What’s an entrepreneur if not someone who is creative, dashing, daring, conscientious, a go-getter, and a do-er? A surprising number of the “new rules of dating” that emerged from the study were related to phone use.

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