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on May 29, 2018 in Life in the Intersection How do psychologists make therapy culturally-relevant? on May 29, 2018 in Sexuality Today Why should it be a turn-on to watch other people having sex?

Short men are screwed when it comes to dating, right?

How are friendships different from other relationships, particularly kinships? Here's how to keep your love and make peace with the kids. on May 29, 2018 in Ulterior Motives A ritual is a behavior that people engage in routinely where the behavior itself is not crucial for some goal, but is performed anyhow.

on May 29, 2018 in Lifetime Connections Connecting to others is an innate drive, but what draws us to the intimacy of close friendships? on May 29, 2018 in Complicated Love Are you joyously in love -- but feeling hurt and angry about your adult children's lack of enthusiasm or hostility?

But hey, that’s cold comfort when women are putting “six feet tall, minimum” in their dating profiles and your friends all call you “Short Round”.Seem like a tall order One of the worst things that guys can do to themselves is to get defensive about being short.Look, I get it: you’ve been getting Oompa Loompa jokes since forever.The thing is, as with many other masculine insecurities, this is predominantly in our heads. Worse, I’m the shortest of all my friends who range from 5’1o” on the short side, to 6’7″ on the tall side.But my height has only been as much of a problem as I’d let it be.

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