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Finding the right balance can be challenging, but a portfolio, I'm convinced, is one way to get there.While scanning server information of way2we found that it’s hosted by Confluence Networks Inc. Earlier way2seo was hosted by Soft Layer Technologies Inc. I know the only way for that to happen is to make it easy: easy to consume and digest the basic ideas, and easy to engage in conversations around them.I envision a space that frames the conversation and then invites responses by video, text, tweet, posted response, or comment--all hosted on the preferred platform of the respondent and aggregated in the portfolio.

By the time you get your idea ready to share in a portfolio, 5. As you pull your ideas into some semblance of conveyable thought, you'll sometimes find holes in the idea itself. To work as a communication and conversation tool, a portfolio needs to have a dynamic nature of its own.If you're like me, life gets really, really busy and there are some things that go unattended.Aside from my Linked In profile, my online presence has been one of the things that has suffered over the past couple of years. I've continued to stay connected with professional and personal friends, engaged in relevant conversations online, written a few articles, presented at a few conferences, and in general been a pretty consistent digital consumer over the past couple of years.The result, 40 Days of Dating, became an addictive guilty pleasure.And while - spoiler alert - the pair didn't end up together, it did land them a movie deal.

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