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Declarations of Interest BTS Guideline Group members adhere to the BTS Policy for Working with the Biomedical Industry and complete an annual Declaration of Interest (Do I) during the period that the Guideline Group is active.Descriptions of pneumonia have been found as early as 350 BC and despite the medical advances that have occurred over the centuries, it continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the 21st century.See the Full annotated BTS Guideline and Summary annotated BTS Guideline documents for further information.

Definitive antimicrobial therapy is based on bacterial cultures; however, the use of sputum cultures in the treatment of CAP is controversial.Once a diagnosis of CAP is made, the next decision is whether to treat it as an outpatient or an inpatient disease.This is an extremely important decision, as the cost of pneumonia as an inpatient is up to 25 times greater than that of outpatient care.Treatment of Influenza Influenza is not only the most common cause of viral pneumonia, but it is also one of the only treatable types of viral pneumonia.Prompt recognition of the signs and symptoms of influenza, in addition to seeking medical treatment, is key to initiating treatment.

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