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This beats sitting around thinking about how sad you are. Where I live, spring weather is in full swing by Mother’s Day.Consider finding something that will bloom year-to-year around this time.As April turns to May, we’re likely dreading the day.Do we go to our place of worship as usual knowing we’ll be handed a rose that reminds us no flowers will arrive back at home?

Here are six ideas to help mothers of estranged adult children get through the holiday. Mother’s Day, like most other holidays, brings up all sorts of “schemas,” a term for the storylines and imagery accompanying events that are part of our culture. I know his little heart was in the right place, but once, one of my young sons brought a handmade card from school – – Although I have truly had some wonderful Mother’s Days, some haven’t been all that memorable.

If you have a cherished pet or two, hug them close.

Pets really do bring us joy beyond measure, and offer unconditional love. Tell your spouse and other family and friends what you do or don’t want.

Studies show that pets we love attenuate loneliness, improve our well-being, and our health. For some, getting through Mother’s Day when an adult child is estranged requires speaking out. He means well, believing he’s helping her on what he knows is a very sad day for her. For some moms, it’s a day to stay in with regular television off.

In my time, I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with a number of awesome women who’ve been in the public eye.

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