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NELLY B.âS CORNER WHAT THE FUNKâS INSIDE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF C. LAWTON CONTENT EDITOR GENESE NICOLE CREATIVE DIRECTORS C. Itâs more than pretty pictures/paintings/drawings ... Much more than the Van Gogh on your mantle or the Thierry Les Goues on your photo studio wall. Itâs the challenge to the life you face with the benefit of a more fruitful one as the reward or stepping to the plate. I had a pretty normal academic career up to a certain point. The music we listen to, the channels in which we listen to the music ... Perhaps not always between the creators, but at least Love for themselves, or one for the other or one for the love of their creation and power to create. Itâs not always pretty, but not always ugly either. And the hypocrisy in that itself holds an artistry to it, as it could be percieved as a creative way to find a balance in opposing forces. Highlighted, we have some great music features and our special showcase of 3 designers on the rise who know how to cap off the perfect number for the evening. Drawing, I always took to that, I always took to representing myself through lines and through representational figures. THE DEFINING LINE: ARTIST RICH TU 10................. Thereâs a very graphic quality, especially at such a massive size, so I really appreciate the line work that you put together. How do you define the way you come to this type of subject matter? AUTOMATIC WRITING by Jordanne Brown 54................... FROM THE PLAZA: MUA MEGHAN ANDREA by Robbin Plaza 59.................. And it all just kind of built to this type of work.Meet and interact LIVE with thousands of free cam girls from around the world. Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. I was really happy with the context and with the group.

But I wanted work that use that similar symbolic language but had no agendas, and could exist on its own terms without having to be in another context.

Well, I think visually it all works together, for sure, in the way it sits with the medium and the way it all looks together.

(917) 670-4794 Email: Faces By [email protected] Tamaika Event Hosting Special Event Planning Branding Consultation Radio Personality Public Relations Twitter: @Major Minc Radio @Ms Minc1 Event Bookings: [email protected] Bookings: Majorminc [email protected]âThe Bridge between the known & the unknownâ 3 to colorize your every moment 3 5.................. LIFE ON DISPLAY: CHARLIE GROSSO 13................. Is there some underlying feeling or is it more just you working from the top of your head?


Some of the pieces are fairly simple in terms of line work, but the elements that are layered on top, sometimes that can take days or weeks just to really feel like itâs there and all the pieces work together. Like I have an illustrative background, so there are a lot of symbols that you work with, a lot of metaphors, and things you have to take note of, because those hit the viewer in an effective way.

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