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THE NEWSWEEKLY FOR THE COMPUTER COMMUNITY Weekly Newspaper Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass., and additional mailing offices ©1978 by CW Communications/Inc. — The largest exhibit of computer equipment ever assembled in the U. — and probably the world — will open here next week as the 1978 National Computer Conference begins on June 5 for four days. 22 May 29, 1978 75C a copy;/year Another Record-Setter ANAHEIM, Calif.Morgan "abruptly quit” her position after the RCMP interest became known, according to another source.Question of Intent CPIC terminals are the responsibility of local chiefs of police, OPC's Gra¬ ham stated, adding it is illegal for any¬ one to access the network without a police chief's authorization.

A preview of events, the session schedule, exhibits and after-the-show attractions here and in the surrounding area begins after Page 54.During its 18 months of work on the bill, the subcom¬ mittee recognized that the Federal Communications Commission should be given "great discretion" and, at the same time, more direction, he said. C., that he personally fa¬ vored including a provision in the revised act that would re¬ quire AT&T to divest itself of Western Electric Co., its manufacturing subsidiary. Frank Managing Editor Nancy French Associate Editor Donald Leavitt Assistant Editor Frank Vaughan Washington Bureau/ Chief Edith Holmes Staff Writers Catherine Arnst Chief Copy Editor Jeffry Beeler Marcia Blumenthal Howard Karten Timothy J. The retail store chain ended its relationship with Universal when police inquiries began, he added. law en¬ forcement agency, their fate would have been far different. Criminal histories derived from lo¬ cal sources are not subject to 92- 544, although state laws do provide similar constraints, Buell noted.A subcommittee spokesman stressed that Van Deerlin was giving his personal views and, until the bill is unveiled in June, it will not be certain whether this requirement for divestiture will be favored (Continued on Page 6) Canada Curbing All Foreign Labor By Don Leavitt CW Staff OTTAWA — In a move to improve the employment pos¬ sibilities for its own citizens, the Canadian government re¬ cently limited the ability of non-Canadians to accept even temporary work in this coun¬ try without what may be a long waiting period. Scannell Brad Schultz Marguerite Zientara Cheryl M. Van Scoyoc Photography Editor Susan Gerrard Joe Hunn Ann Dooley Editorial Assistant Denise Petski Editorial Cartoonist Jim Orton Contributors: Education J. Freed Taylor Reports Alan Taylor Human Connection Jack Stone SALES Vice-President Roy Einreinhofer Advertising Administrator Terry Williams Display Advertising Mary Anne Furlong Classified Advertising Kathy Steinberg Sales Promotion Director Jack Edmonston Market Research Kathryn V. Telex: USA-92-2529 OTHER EDITORIAL OFFICES: Washington, D. A Universal spokesman said his firm will not discuss the matter with the press. - Civilian employees of the Ottawa Police De¬ partment who turned over criminal history information to a private in¬ vestigation agency are going un¬ punished. A municipal police department might provide a history to a local barber li¬ censing agency without violating federal law, although such an action might well violate state law, he ex¬ plained.In such reviews, the question of in¬ tent and the relative significance of the data abused are critical to establishing culpability, the Ministry of Justice spokesman explained.On the Inside This Week NEWS Firms in South Africa Boast Affirmative Action.4 White House Chicled for Dragging Feet on Privacy . 5 Central Software Standards Advised for DDP.8 Hartford Bank System Features Fedwire Link.9 System Helps Manage County Road Repair.10 Welfare Parents Bucking SSN Tags for Children...

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