Garmin updating gps firmware

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Next up we have navigation to nearby points of interest (POI’s).

I’ll dive into some hands-on time here in a moment, but it’s probably useful to point out that if you’re looking for an Edge 500/510/800/810 replacement, this isn’t it. These tours are incredibly popular in Europe, though in the states they are pretty limited (as in, basically none).I’m hearing that’ll likely be late September or early October.There are two variants of the unit: Edge Touring (standard): 9US Edge Touring Plus: 9US – adds ANT HR support, ANT e Bike support, and the barometric altimeter Ultimately, the Edge Touring is physically an Edge 800 hardware unit (thus, has the same battery life, screen size, etc…) with different firmware on it.This practice is common with Garmin, and we’ve seen it done in other units – i.e.FR110/FR210, Edge 200/Edge 500, FR610/Golf Watches, Fenix/Quatix.

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