Geek dating flow chart

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But they can also be the perfect way to infuse a little personality into your wedding to give your guests the heads-up that this event isn't going to be your typical wedding.

That's why I'm all about these nerdy Save the Dates, the perfect way to say "this event is going to be nerdier than a pair of XKCD ten-sided die." Seriously, we've got save-the-dates for book worms, sci-fi nerds, gamer geeks, comic book nerds, etc.

Ignoring the overall intellectually superior premise of this book, it's ignorant of the author to think she can actually train a geek with merely pie; unless, of course, she's talking about the tongue-in-cheek Cherry Pie about which Warrant sang in the early 90s.

Written in a language that requires very little geekiness to understand, it's a perfect nightstand book for any woman wanting to keep daily tabs on her man's geek level.

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The first step is a quick safety review specialized for computer repairs. It might cost you your health or your computer (or both).Save the Dates are weird — they're often looked at as an unnecessary, silly, extra expense and they have the WORST acronym of the wedding world.The Pie Scale is something girls can learn from for any situation with guys.Flowcharts are meant as an overview on how to troubleshoot your computer.To get more information about any step, simply click on the appropriate area on the flowchart.

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