Generating list of changesets and updating

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We simply add an item for our baseline build label and selects the desired visibility in the Running the build will generate a Release Notes.txt, a Relase and a Release file in the root of the drop folder.This document is rather changesets oriented, but by supplying our own xslt file we should be able to turn the release document into a list of work items, and if we like list all changesets with comments.With the list of changesets and work items it should be possible to generate a Release Notes document.Now all we need to do is code this, or even better reuse something existing.

The Version Control Server is created by calling Get Service() of a tfs Team Project Collection object.

Putting it all together in ( results in this expression Getting the Version Control Label for a label name Once we got the sc Srv we can use the Query Labels method to get our Version Control Label objects from the Label Name. Build Label Name, but it expressed as [email protected]

What we need to pass into the Query Label is label name and source control path in different variables.

If we have the Uri of the teamprojectcollection we can create it by specifying it in the constructor.

We can get the Uri for the current collection from the Build Detail object we have in our build.

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