Getting back into dating world

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I choked down some dry heaves and knew that if I ended up throwing up, it would just make him feel that much worse, and I already felt so bad for him (and me-but mostly him). So, I went upstairs and made sure there was a trash bag and paper towels ready for him in the guest bath, told him to head on up when he was ready, and then went into my room to recover.But, alas, the smell finally overcame me and I TOTALLY THREW UP in the bag. I could hear his shower running and decided that I would get cleaned up as well, because I was feeling pretty gross after dealing with all that nastiness.He just looked up at me and said, "It's too late." That's when I saw the green running down his leg...So, in my shock and awkwardness, I just sort of backed up and started laughing.I asked if he wanted to just head back and he said no, that he wanted to finish the walk.He kept saying that he'd be okay, but that we needed to walk faster.I told him that I had been making a concerted effort in eating healthy lately, and would be happy to share with him what I did.So, he came over Friday morning and I made green smoothies for breakfast.

I told him I was going to run and grab the car, and that I would hurry back and we'd get him there in time.He was persistent and I finally agreed to see him this past weekend.He flew in on Thursday afternoon and I picked him up from the airport.I met a guy this past fall who lives on the other side of the country.He had been wanting to fly out to take me out on a date (or several dates) for months, but I wasn't really sure how interested I was and didn't want him to spend all that time and money if I didn't think there was really any potential there to be anything more than just friends.

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