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I guess it might be due to the fact that she has been dead for 5 years, and I have to remove her from the freezer I've kept her in since she died, in order to fuck her.

Fucking pain in the arse waiting for the pussy to thaw out actually......

During the competition hosted at Sweet Apple Acres in the episode Sisterhooves Social, Granny Smith calls the contestants to get ready for the race and announces "On your marks... In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Rainbow Dash pushes her across the street in an attempt to look like a responsible citizen, but Granny Smith says she didn't want to cross the street in the first place.

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I love and sucking off and having anal sex with strangers.My husband loves seeing me with strangers cocks in my mouth, swallowing their cum loads..I would love to make a movie to fuck and suck off for 5 or 6 men and be forced to everything they want.!!In The Ticket Master, Applejack fantasizes that she will earn enough money from her Grand Galloping Gala apple stand to replace their "saggy old" roof and plow, as well as Granny Smith's hip.Despite her hip, she, Big Mc Intosh, and Applejack wield farm tools behind a barricade in anticipation of a destructive parasprite swarm in Swarm of the Century, and she cheers for Applejack in Fall Weather Friends when she competes against Rainbow Dash.

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