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In fact, most people meet potential dates through digital media.

However, because so much communication happens in the form of rapid-fire text messages, exchanging photos, or messaging through apps, a false sense of intimacy is quickly created before you have even met in real life.

But if you plan ahead, you’ll be able to stay on track while you figure out if he’s Mr. Check off a few healthy to-dos from your list: Fit in a workout and have a protein-packed snack about an hour beforehand so “hangry” doesn’t kick in.I’m not saying this to cause ‘stranger danger’, but to point out that you actually don’t know this person before meeting him.It’s rare these days to hear of someone going out with a person they met at work.Remember: Being honest about what makes you, you, makes you even more attractive.By Shirin Ali, MD Who hasn’t struggled with dating in the digital age?

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