Handle intimidating people

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You may be believing that there is something you need to do or be to win someone’s affection or approval when in reality you just need to relax and be yourself and let go of needing so much to be liked by others.You may be believing that the other person is thinking something negative about you that is purely conjecture you are poisoning your mind with.Workplace bullies can have similar affects on you in adulthood as such treatment would when you were a child, and ultimately can cause decreased productivity, poor self-esteem, and can even negatively affect your physical health.However, despite how the bully may make you feel, you aren't powerless, and can take action to protect your rights as well as your health and well-being. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Selector .selector_results_container.form_buttons.form_buttons a.form_buttons input[type='submit'].form_buttons .submit_button.form_buttons .submit_button.form_buttons .action_button.hover_menu.hover_menu:before,.hover_menu:after.hover_menu.show_nub:before.hover_menu.show_nub:after.hover_menu.show_nub.white_bg:after.hover_menu .hover_menu_contents.hover_menu.white_bg .hover_menu_contents. Taking Care of Yourself Addressing the Intimidating Behavior Taking Legal Action Community Q&A It's natural to feel intimidated by a powerful boss or a successful executive – but people in positions of authority who actively insult and intimidate other people in the workplace are no different from the bully in the schoolyard who beats up other kids for lunch money.— Paramhansa Yogananda Most of us come across difficult personalities at some points in our lives.

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(3) See if you can shift your focus from what you think you need to what you can .

Here are three ways to redirect your negative thoughts about yourself to something more positive: (1) Think of someone in your life in whose presence you feel really good about yourself – someone who leads you to believe you could do anything. See if you can place yourself in that person’s presence and feel the way you do when you are together.

You might find that you are sitting up straighter and holding your head higher just at the thought.

Being cognizant of control tactics used by challenging people can make the difference between awareness versus ignorance, and mastery versus victimhood.

Below is a list of fifteen controlling tactics difficult people often use to maneuver others into positions of disadvantage, excerpted from my book (click on title): “How to Successfully Handle Aggressive, Intimidating, and Controlling People”.

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