Hilary duff is dating hockey

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Last year, she changed managers, ending a business relationship she’d had since she was 11, to sign with Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s rep).

And she’s setting her sights on fashion and consumer products: “I still feel passionate about acting and singing, but if it can all meld together somehow, there’s a story there.

I just need to hash it out.” Unlike some former child stars, she’s not at all compelled to do a total 180 on her image in order to appear cooler, edgier, or interested in the avant-garde. That’s who I am.” In that same vein, starting fresh doesn’t mean denying her past.

“I have to accept that I’m just a very mainstream person. There is no big purge of exes from her Instagram (as of press time, the headline-making post of her and Jason smooching was still live).

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“We had a sleepover, and she was like, ‘Man, being in your 20s sucks.’ I’m like, ‘I know, girl, I feel you.’ I’ve obviously done the things I’m most proud of in my 20s, like have a child.Personally, I think Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw is the hottest.Unfortunately, Sarah Jessica Parker on her best day doesn’t come close to Emma Stone's hotness, nor do I see how she's an Icon.and Eliza Coupe people are going to watch no matter how bad it is.Anyway, here are promo pics for the upcoming season and it looks like these two just performed happy endings before taking these photos. I’m glad that Elisha Cuthbert has made a comeback of sorts, I think her show is doing alright, she’s always been one of my favorite hotties so I’m happy her career is back on track.

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