Holidays predating christmas

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Saturnalia Saturnalia was the feast dedicated to the Roman god Saturn. C., this feast was originally celebrated on December 17.

Eventually the feast was extended to last an entire week, ending on December 23.

Sol Invictus and Mithras The feast of Sol Invictus was the attempt by the Roman emperor Aurelian to reform the cult of Sol, the Roman sun god, and and reintroduce it to his people, inaugurating Sol's temple and holding games for the first time in A. These connections are difficult to understand given our limited knowledge of the Mithraic belief system, but they are important because they help to explain why skeptics claim the birthday of Mithras was celebrated on December 25.

A manuscript known as the shows the birth of Sol Invictus being celebrated on December 25.

The supposed connection to Christmas is based on the proximity of the two festivals to each other. In his article It has been suggested that Christians in the 4th Century assigned December 25th as Christ's birthday (and hence Christmas) because pagans already observed this day as a holiday.

In this way the problem of eliminating an already popular holiday would be sidestepped, thus making the Christianizing of the population easier. According to inscriptions on candle votives and other ancient works of art, there is a link between Mithras and Sol Invictus.

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“Students of early church history often disagree, but there is one thing they all agree upon: the early church was consumed by earnest expectation of the imminent ‘Parousia’ (the Lord's second coming),” wrote Heg. “Some even say that this expectation was the driving force behind the fervor that the early church exhibited in its practices.” It was not until the Middle Ages that Christmas became a more celebrated holy day, with the first usages of crèches as well as a practice known as “Winter Lent.” Beginning around the same time as the first manger displays outside churches, Christians began to prepare for the Christmas feast day with fasting and prayer.

The regulations for this fast mirrored that of the weeks leading up to Easter, known as Lent, in which Christians were to fast and pray in preparation.

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