How to deal with intimidating

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You have the right to create your own happy and healthy life. Secondly, who do we all relate to the best, if not our own personalities?These Fundamental Human Rights represent your boundaries. When you are dealing with someone who has an aggressive, abundant, empowering personality, match it!But you have the power and moral authority to declare that it is you, not the offender, who’s in charge of your life. If you want to be cerebral, just remember who is in charge.Focus on these rights, and allow them to keep your cause just and strong. Put the Spotlight on Them & Reclaim Your Power A common pattern with aggressive, intimidating, and controlling people is that they like to place attention on you to make you feel uncomfortable or inadequate. There are soooo many other great tools at your disposal, acting like a lamb is the worst one you could choose.If you react by being on the defensive, you simply fall into the trap of being scrutinized, thereby giving the aggressor more power while she or he picks on you with impunity. You only think the dominant person has no respect for others, or would chew your leg off in a second, because you're interactions with them is from the position of meek and weak.A simple and powerful way to change this dynamic is to put the spotlight back on the difficult person, and the easiest way to do so is to ask questions. Don't confuse your training, experience or knowledge of humans as a "strength".

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If you're still upset after counting to ten, take a time out if possible, and revisit the issue after you calm down.It must not be easy to have such high expectations placed on her performance by senior executives…” “My partner is so controlling. OR, if the agressive person should decide to get physical. The sign someone doesn't fold easily usually sends them after easier prey. This is the most valuable article I have ever read in my life, especially since I have passive-aggressive relatives who have to make their own son seem superior to me, an unstable mother, a father who is never there, and classmates stupid enough to be racist without even getting to know me first.It must not be easy to have grown up in a family where he was told how to think and act in every way…” To be sure, empathetic statements do not excuse unacceptable behavior. I agree, I visied oher sites & so far this is the only one that speaks to me.The point is to remind yourself that people do what they do because of their own issues. But what about the disabiled people who have mean nasty parents [really all of us]?As long as we’re being reasonable and considerate, difficult behaviors from others say a lot more about them than they do about us. I mean things change from year to year or from 194?

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