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Women are an integral part of any discussion about impotence.After all, women are crucial to the success or otherwise of a relationship, and if her partner is suffering from impotence, a woman's reactions can profoundly affect the quality of that relationship and the way in which her partner deals with his erection problem.I was always accusing him, and he would promise me that he had nothing on the side, but I honestly couldn't believe him." Third is the feeling of relief if the woman never enjoyed sex in the first place."Sometimes it can be a relief for both partners," says Margaret Ramage.One couple came to me saying they had no sex life and yet they were sitting close, making eye contact, flirting and talking about things they used to do in bed. So to start with they may try to make love and fail, and then they get so discouraged and anxious that they cannot bear to be cuddly or even kiss for fear it will lead to sex and another failure.

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Another recent study indicated that over 40% of adult women experience sexual dysfunction at some stage in their life, so we've included an informative article on female sexual dysfunction.

Looking at the lighter side of impotence and relationships, there's a comprehensive section on love and romance.

With long- term problems it's found that many cases of impotence have a medical basis, so partners are often right to worry that their men are ill.

It turned out that Jane's husband had diabetes, though not before he'd been to one sex counsellor who encouraged him to ask his wife to "dress up in sexy clothes and have sex in unusual places, like in a country lane". He was then told to stop all caressing and touching for 10 weeks and then gradually to start massaging each other.

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