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The idea, I suppose, is that it'll make it easier for them to herd people off to concentration camps once they lobotomize everyone with a brain-eating, nano-tech vaccine.

Jones could watch Bugs Bunny and come away thinking "gubbermint conspiracy."I can see how Alex Jones comes across as a pretty intense individual.

You mean like when you try and use common sense in a argument that gods are nothing more than a creation by man and even though the other person can show no tangible proof of such a entity they will tell you crap like "well you just have to have faith" and junk like that. ^^^^^^^^^I didn't know that Alex Jones was saying that he had proof for God existing..........

I knew he was kind of whacky, but that is a stretch even for him.

He felt that the government wanted to enact some sort of liberty destroying legislation and turn the world into a "Prison Planet." (The name of one of his websites)Jones said that America wasn't scared enough yet - an odd Muslim cleric (the "Blind Sheik") and one lone crazy army vet (Mc Veigh) just didn't scare people, so "they" needed something big. A man named William Cooper had made the same prediction one month earlier.

Here's a short clip of portions of Jones' July 25, 2001 broadcast.

i actually think that message is a bit more interesting.RPL: TONS of self-proclaimed 'prognosticators' have played a game of making vague 'predictions,' then pretended that the next thing that happened that resembled what they said in some way, was what they were talking about.Others play a game of falsifying a 'prediction' by waiting until AFTER the event, then putting out a back-dated 'advance warning.' Is there ANY independent verification at all that this guy ACTUALLY did what you describe? it's a paradigm, not a specific comment about jones per se.Paul KHe sure is cashing in on it, BUT, there are the weak minded that actually believe him, and think that he is some type of guru.................Normally that is just sad, but if you talk to a group of 20 to 30 year olds, you would be stunned as to how many believe the crap he spouts.

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