Is bosco wong still dating myolie wu

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They include actress Selena Li, with whom he's still on good terms with, according to Jayne Stars.Lee has also been linked to model-actress Kelly Cheung.Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has refuted rumours that she and businessman boyfriend Philip Lee are planning a December wedding.

She was seen caressing an emotional Myolie at a bar, and they were later spotted in a warm embrace followed by a loving kiss between the two.

As a singer, Bosco Wong has released one album "In Love With Bosco" in 2008.

Bosco is no stranger to singing, having sung a few TV drama and cartoon theme songs since 2005.

Huang's mother was so upset by the reports that she wholeheartedly disapproved when Huang started making his move on Myolie after her break-up.

As he was singlehandedly raised by his mother, 41-year-old Huang gave in to the wishes of his mother in order not to hurt her feelings.

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