Is carbon dating appropriate for measuring the age

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we observe structures consistent with putative erythrocyte remains that exhibit mass spectra similar to emu whole blood. preservation is more common than previously thought...this study, putative soft tissue (either erythrocyte-like structures, collagen-like, fibrous structures or amorphous carbon-rich structures (Supplementary Fig.7)) was observed in six of our eight dinosaur specimens (Supplementary Table 1).

Biological Material Found: As of 2017, in fossils from dinosaur-layer and deeper strata, researchers have discovered flexible and transparent blood vessels, red blood cells, starch, many various proteins including beta-keratin, the microtubule building block tubulin, collagen, shell glycoprotein, chitin, the cytoskeleton components actin, tropomyosin, and the related motor protein myosin, and hemoglobin, bone maintenance osteocyte cells, DNA-related histone proteins, and powerful evidence for DNA including positive results from multiple double-helix tests.The original description refers to a thin lens of white material extending from a manus ungual, which was proposed to represent original keratinous claw sheath...Here, we test the hypothesis that this exceptional morphological preservation extends to the molecular level...[a paper on dinosaur bones co-authored by researchers from medical schools, etc., such as Harvard Medical School, Dept.of Cancer Biology of the University of Texas, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Biomedical Research Institute of the Korea Institute, Dept.

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