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There are a ton of cool action scenes, but you stay for the endearing characters.

Twokinds Which is another fantasy slice of life action(y) comic, but it is SUPER fanservicey.

The main differences being that Naylor maintains an update schedule and can actually draw.

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Mostly because of what u/stupid_pony said, I HATE when kids talk like mini adults. Mostly cause I could relate to some of the views Fisk had. But it is definitely a tough read, and it isn't the first web comic I would recommend.I enjoy Better Days and Original Life but take them with the same heaping spoonful of salt as Ralph Hayes' work on Tales of the Questor and Quentin Quinn Space Ranger.Interesting worlds, often well written but with occasional strident political diatribes I don't particularly care for.I highly agree with u/senelbeat if that helps at all.I am currently following Slightly Damned Which has a fantasy slice of life/action type of feel.

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