Livejournal rss feed not updating

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Insane Journal syndication lets you automatically receive updates from a number of different websites and have them added to your Insane Journal friends page.It is most often used for sites that update content in an article format, or that update on a regular basis, like a journal, a news site, or a comic.If you are sure that the site is updating, then you should contact the maintainer of the website being syndicated to correct any invalid RSS feed problems.

These are updated when the account reads an RSS file from the host site and cannot be updated in any other way.

Nobody can log into it, make comments from it, or make entries to it in the conventional way.

The only way that a syndicated account can be updated is from reading an updated RSS feed.

Note that it may take a few days for the change to be made.

Please do not create a new account with the desired feed URL, as this will make the change impossible. If your site offers an RSS feed, but you do not want that feed syndicated onto Insane Journal, you can block Insane Journal's IP (74.2) from accessing your server.

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