Malwarebytes program error updating 5 0 createfile

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Thinking about it now I could imagine an instance where some legitimate software like a poorly written third-party disk defragmenter might freeze if it was denied read access to a Norton folder.

The Unauthorized access blocked messages you are posting don't show that Norton is actually blocking your software - they mean that Norton is "blocking" one of your Total Media files when it tries to read/write/edit/delete a Norton file or registry entry.

There is no need to create file exclusions for your Total Media files.

If Norton was detecting your software as potential threat (e.g., a false positive detection) you would see a pop-up notification from one of Norton's real-time Auto-Protect features like SONAR or File Insight, and you are safe just ignoring these Unauthorized access blocked messages.

Many users in this forum are alarmed when they see these messages in their security history and I posted a request in the Product Suggestions board a few years ago asking that Symantec either stop logging these unauthorized access blocked messages in the security history or at least reduce the severity from Medium to Info.

------------ 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v50.1.0 * NIS v22.8.1.14 * MBAM Premium v2.2.1 Hi Zemie_1: Then could you please clarify.

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