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"There is absolutely no medical science or data whatsoever that links those vaccinations to onset of autism or anything of that nature," Rubio said.Cruz, Jindal and Rubio seem to be on the same side as President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton when it comes to childhood vaccinations. Clinton, meanwhile, jabbed at the GOP naysayers with a post on Twitter stating the "science is clear, the earth is round" and vaccines work. "Nobody reasonably thinks Chris Christie is opposed to vaccinating kids, other than a bunch of reporters who want to write headlines," he said."There is a lot of fear mongering out there on this," said Jindal, Louisiana's governor and a former health official in the George W. "It is irresponsible for leaders to undermine the public's confidence in vaccinations that have been tested and proven to protect public health.

Rubio, his colleague from Florida, said "absolutely" when asked.

“It is impossible for a two year old child to be ‘an adherent of a religious denomination’ if it means being a believer or being an advocate of a religious denomination’s anti-vaccination teaching,” according to the suit. is an adherent of a religious denomination whose religious teachings are opposed to such tests or inoculations?

“Even if this two year old could formulate such a belief, how would either of S. M.’s parents know this belief or make the statement that S. ” Even more troubling, according to Linus Baker, is that DCF appears to be requiring people who cite the exemption to provide the name of a denomination and its specific teaching opposed to immunization.

Linus Baker asked what if someone is not part of a specific denomination or they have a personal objection not specified in a particular group’s teachings?

If the law does not apply to everyone equally, then it is unconstitutional, he said.

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