Mason dating daughter of another mason

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So acrimonious has been the dispute that for many years Mason's only offspring had no idea where their father's ashes were.

We just wanted to sum up his temperament, and his attitude, which was 'It was a good life and I am happy that I was here and brought some pleasure to people'."He would have been horrified by all this.His will left everything to Clarissa, including his home on the lakeside, other properties, drawings, diaries and the royalties from his career.Mason felt that she had sacrificed everything for him, especially when she abandoned her Hollywood career to support him when he left Hollywood in 1963, and he wanted her to live her last days in comfort.There are bigger things going on in the world, people!It was a simple ceremony but one his daughter Portland, 52, and son Morgan, 45, thought that they might never see.

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