Meet a black bull cuckold

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It may range from occasional meetings with a man away from her husband through to a regular lover who visits the couple at their home.

Often a couple will progress into more serious cuckolding when they find they enjoy the lifestyle.

A common reaction from a wife is that her husband has lost interest in her and is offering her the freedom to look outside the marriage in return for receiving the same privilege.The amount and type of abuse the cuckold receives can range from none to extreme and is something a good bull will agree with the couple well before they reach the bedroom.You won't be surprised that most bulls are extremely well equipped for their role but there are men who are normal size.A good bull will be a couple's guide and mentor into the world of cuckoldry and aid their development as a cuckold couple.Naturally he has his own motivations and enjoying the wife is probably top of the list but he will be mindful of the cuckold and his humiliating position.

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