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Low-Mid in tailed forms scaling from his teenage self), Telepathy (Can read the minds of targets by making contact with them and connecting his chakra to them), Limited Petrification (Absorbing excess natural energy from him without the ability to properly balance it will result in the target being turned to stone), Limited Durability Negation (Rasenshuriken does damage by specifically attacking and damaging the cells of his targets), can breathe in space, can summon corrosive poison, can attack people that enter his mind, can create chakra arms to attack targets from a distance and grant him better mobility and maneuverability, can expand his chakra to make it act as a forcefield around him, Resistance to Illusion Creation, Mind Manipulation, Sleep Inducement, Soul Manipulation, Energy Absorption, Status Effect Inducement, Matter Manipulation, and likely Ice Manipulation (Should retain all of his resistances as a teenager) Attack Potency: Unknown (Can borrow chakra from his other forms) | At least Small Planet level (Stronger than Toneri, and overpowered his attack that cut the moon in half without fighting at full power, as he had released Kurama to fight against Hamura's statue) | At least Small Planet level (Much stronger than his previous state.

Shouldn't be weaker than his previous Six Paths Sage Mode) Speed: Unknown (Dodged some of Momoshiki's attacks) | Relativistic (Able to dodge Toneri's meteoroids at point blank range) | Relativistic (Faster than his previous state, and shouldn't be any slower than his previous Six Paths Sage Mode) Lifting Strength: Unknown | At least Class T | At least Class T Striking Strength: Unknown | At least Small Planet Class (Overpowered Toneri's attack without being at full power) | At least Small Planet Class (Stronger than before) Durability: Unknown (Survived the explosion that blew a hole in the Moon without taking any serious damage) | At least Small Planet level (Easily tanked Toneri's attack that cut the moon in half without a scratch) | At least Small Planet level (Comparable to his previous Six Paths Sage Mode, survived one of Momoshiki's strongest attacks and completely absorbed it into his body) Stamina: Extremely high (Can fight for hours or days without stopping) Range: Thousands of kilometers Standard Equipment: Standard ninja tools (Possibly) Intelligence: Skilled fighter and tactician, has proven to be innovative when it comes to finding ways to deceive his opponents, otherwise average Weaknesses: Sometimes acts without thinking Key: Base | 100% Kyuubi Chakra Sage Mode (The Last) | Six Paths Sage Mode Note: The reason why Naruto as a teenager is rated higher than his adult self, is that we do not know yet if he can still use the Tailed Beast Six Paths Sage Mode.

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