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She taught her how to do her hair (which she gradually grew out), how to put on makeup, and how to walk and talk like a girl.Jaime started to take more and more pride in herself as Julia congratulated her for every step towards femininity that she took, until she was even willing to go shopping with Julia en femme (helped along by the promise of nursing in the changing room).After carefully making sure it was what he wanted, Julia offered to buy him some feminine clothes of his own to experiment with to explore his feminine side.We inevitably become the masks we put on, and before long "Jamie" began to develop into an entirely separate persona.Breastmilk is a matter of supply and demand, and with Jim's demand only growing over time, Julia's supply was forced to keep pace.

By that point she was producing about a half-gallon every day, every drop of which was greedily sucked down by Jim.Jim and Julia mostly talked about school and the day-to-day concerns of life.But with Jamie, Julia opened up far more about her personal life.When she'd started breastfeeding, they'd jumped to DD's.And in the years of constant stimulation that followed, they'd grown steadily at about a half cup size every year until they finally stabilized at a voluptuous H-cup.

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