Obesity dating market

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Anybody can take pictures of herself and post them on social media.

Girls do it all the time to get a self-esteem boost because they know a bunch of lapdogs on her friends list will click “like” and leave a few positive comments. What about beauty – The objective kind of beauty and not the imaginary, made-up kind that she used to rationalize herself carrying around over 150 lbs of lard?

We can observe this globally over time, especially while a country is developing economically and increasing the living standards of it’s citizens.

So the question is, over 12 years and are probably still rising during the three years since the article was published.

Women are significantly smaller, plus childbearing requires women to retain body fat much more efficiently.

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We all know that people tend to get fatter with time, right?

I cringe at the female ideas of “empowerment” these days.

Female empowerment used to mean going to college, getting careers and participating in the political process. The ironic thing is that my friend that posted this is an attractive girl about the same age as our featured blimp and has a good body.

It’s one of the main reasons men are searching in that country for a beautiful wife.

But if this article is true, that time where American men can dabble in a target-rich dating market may be coming to an end.

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    This makes quite a comparison to how many young people organize their first dates, which usually involve meeting up in a bar.

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