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It's free to set up, but fees apply for some transactions, such as filing annual returns.In 2015, we undertook testing to inform a new survey including initial cognitive testing of potential student engagement questions, and a national pilot in 2015.Find out who can apply, what evidence to provide and if you should apply to the Registrar or the High Court.Creating an account with the Companies Office allows you to complete the majority of your transactions online.

Following this, to help inform the new survey questions, we undertook further cognitive testing and another pilot in 2016.Most of the upgrade issues can be resolved quickly as they are frequently caused by Power Point settings or a required component update.Auto Update 3.0.5 was installed with the last Office update a few days ago.We are currently evaluating NSS 2017 to see how the new survey has worked in practice and establish if there are any issues.See the report detailing the findings from the student and institutional online surveys.

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