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They just looked at me suspiciously and the answer was always no.So I thought I’d try something else and I put an advert in the Loot, the free ads paper.” The ad didn’t bring any interest either.

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OFFER The publicity led to a call from a college in Enfield, north London, which owned ten acres of farmland near the A10 and were happy to rent it to him.

If one did come to mind, it would most likely be Wilfred Emmauel Jones, the Wiltshire-based farmer who is behind the famous Black Farmer range of sausages and sauces and who was tipped by Prime Minister David Cameron as a future Conservative MP.

But there is another black farmer who, over the last decade, has turned a small farm near Enfield, north London, into a thriving business.

SHARED JOURNEY: David with his wife Brenda “My wife just thought it was one of those pipe dreams that would never come to anything,” he recalls. In fact, it took another five years and many late nights before he finally grew a successful crop and eventually convinced Brenda that it was a project worth pursuing.

Initially the maize was just for himself and his friends to enjoy.

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