Outlook display name not updating and donyelle dating

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Hi guys, I had given full mailbox access permission for user A to access user B mailbox and calendar and it was fine since yesterday but all of sudden, now User A is unable to access user B and it is showing the below error; How did you set up the sharing?

If you added the mailbox in the outlook client of user A, let's remove it from outlook and then start over using powershell.

In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 you need to customize the QAT or ribbon to access the Properties dialog.

For more information, see Find the Properties Dialog in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 While you can see the created date in a custom list view or in Design Form mode, if you need check the date very often, a macro will speed things up.

Application Set obj App = Application On Error Resume Next Select Case Type Name(obj App. Item(1) Case "Inspector" Set Get Current Item = obj App. Current Item End Select Set obj App = Nothing End Function While you can use the macro above to get the value of any field, to get the ending date of a recurring appointment or task, you need to get the recurrence pattern then check the Pattern End Date field.

Active Window) Case "Explorer" Set Get Current Item = obj App.

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You can also edit it to display additional Outlook fields.

Customize the QAT or ribbon to create a macro button.

For more information on using the VBA editor, see Use the VBA Editor To use it, open or select an Outlook item then click the macro button.

Outlook 2010 Notification Icon & Desktop Alert Configuration: The above example image shows all the available options that can be configured in Outlook 2010 when an email is received.

They have all been disabled in my configuration since I am now using a third party Outlook 2010 add-on which I explain in more detail below.

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