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Western women have always had a romantic view of the French city of Paris, and this is more true than ever now that us virile Muslim men have flooded in and took it over.

As you can see in the video above, actress Natalie Portman recounts her most recent intense Parisian sex romp in vivid detail.Enjoy the priceless pleasures of strolling arm-in-arm past the city’s oldest boutique windows in Les Passages Couverts, historic 19th-century shopping passages pre-dating today’s department stores and shopping malls.The Passage Jouffroy (10 boulevard Montmartre, 9th) and the Galeire Vivienne house unique boutiques, tearooms, art galleries, antique bookshops and local designers, while the shops under the stone arcades of the romantic Palais Royal Gardens are known for their vintage clothing and perfume shops. Exploring à Deux One of things we love most about Paris is that despite its many grandiose monuments, it remains a human-scaled city perfect for exploring on foot.The exotic themed Moon City Sauna has become so popular they’ve added two new locations, and bashful newcomers can test the waters during the festive all-you-can-eat buffet evenings with their friendly Club Med atmosphere. They consider the power to seduce an essential skill in everyday life, useful for everything from getting their own way in an argument to winning over clients in business.When Parisians decorate the windows of their boutiques, they’re not simply trying to get the attention of the busy pedestrians rushing past: they aim to seduce.

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