Play 2 hours on karkand not updating mobile dating apps blackberry

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I saw a few posts on random forums after Googling the issue and it seems to have started today. Usually I just disable/enable Upnp setting on my router and then the magic happens.I also noticed that EA has been banning players on the forums, but I have never been on the EA forum or hacked or any of those naughty things. All I want to do is use my new rifle that I unlocked... I must admit that this started only a few days ago., because based on my trip to EA's Redwood Shores offices yesterday, you're going to be getting a lot more of it.In a brief presentation prior to some extended time with next month's Back to Karkand DLC, the word "service" was used more than once.I connected on some server in Africa, and got disconnected after about 10 minutes. I'm getting a **** ton of connection issues lately.Either its disconnected from the login server, disconnected from the server, disconnected from EA Online or just the ambiguous disconnected().

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DICE has said that the Back to Karkand DLC features updates to their Frostbite 2.0 tech, and that new maps are more destructible, which I assume means that buildings can be damaged more. Toward the end of a match, buildings look more like apple cores than a thing people lived or worked in, which I think is what everyone expected out of .And i created my account and everything even played for a little whyle.And when I got home it didn't even want to liggin it just immediately says "Unable to connect to EA.I don't understand it The LAG was terrible last night.I tried to map my joystick buttons to be able fly better but the game just refuses to map the joystick buttons. I gave up out of frustration :(The LAG was terrible last night.

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