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He is originally from Unova, and was a huge star at Pokestar Studios.He owns Starburn Productions alongside Brycen from Unova, who makes a cameo in X2 and Y2.Clemont- Clemont returns in X2 and Y2, residing in Lumiose City, as an Electric-type gym leader.

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Malva and Diantha are no longer part of the Kalos Elite 4.There are many new additions in these sequels, including the most amount of Pokemon introduced to a region than ever before (yes, surpassing Unova's 150 ) and new locations discovered in the Kalos Region.Three years after the events of Pokemon X and Y, Kalos has grown to be a much larger location, almost twice the size it was three years back.Pokemon X2 and Pokemon Y2 are the much anticipated sequels to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS.Pokemon X2 and Y2 will be released on the Nintendo 3DS as one of its final games in mid-2016 worldwide.

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