Potter and hermione dating

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Fic harry potter and Harry and hermione fanfiction.Romione tells the weasleys they are dating a Harry Potter fanfic Draco Hermione.He was then asked if he thought Emma was attractive and he subtly hinted that he thought she was cute when they were much younger. Celebrity UKJosh was asked which celeb he'd like to join The Hunger Games cast and he quickly answered, "I love Emma Watson. I was in town, and I asked my manager to call her manager to see if we could meet.Could you imagine a Hunger Games star dating a Harry Potter star? It harry potter and hermione dating happened yet but one day…fingers crossed.Have you ever heard of falling for someone after seeing them do an interview?Well, sating is exactly what happened to the Aussie singer when he saw Emma on a talk show.

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As soon as Hermione dumps Harry, she starts dating.

Kaitlin Cubria on July 27, at 6: On July 31, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be released, leading into a whole new way of viewing the Wizarding World.

Here are all fating pairs of Harry Potter co-stars that gave love a try in real life:.

Part 2Draco Malfoy can be seen with his wife, Astoria Greengrass.

You already know that Tom portrayed Draco throughout the duration of the franchise, but did you know that his real-life girlfriend played his wife??

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