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Sadly, in recent years I've been forced to sell many instruments which I had thought to keep forever, to front a horrible financial situation I found myself into. the VL1m, for example, should be out in a week or two. More or less in order...still have the ones with * by them.

I don't miss most of them but the exceptions are noted in parentheses.

I wonder how different this list will look in 50 years.

Old Upright Piano Yamaha P-85Korg Microkorg Roland RD700NXRoland Juno Di Roland FA-06Alesis M-key 61Nord Electro 4 SW73 (as of next month)ROLAND: JX-8P w/PG-800P-330MKS-20MKS-70RD-700VK-7JV-1010VR-760KURZWEIL: PC-88MXPC2XPC3-LE7*NOVATION: A-Station K-Station NORD: Stage 2 SW73*HAMMOND: XK-3CYAMAHA: CP-300*ALESIS: Ion*QS8RHODES: Stage 73*KORG: O5R/WCASIO: CT-670*Still currently own _________________________ Nord Stage 2 SW73, Kurzweil PC3LE7, Moog Sub 37, Alesis Ion, Rhodes Stage 73, Moog Werkstatt-01, Yamaha CP-300-------------Knock knock Who's there?

Joe Meek 6Q*Several Alesis and Roland drum machines. I have photos with gear in them that I don't even remember, even when confronted with proof.

Dean acoustic/electric Fender Automatic amp fender SX200 Key Amp I couldn't possibly remember it all.

It took me quite a while to remember most of the stuff I had through the years, but I think I got most of it. I didn't do the math...afraid's got to be in the 10s of thousands. I played out for 10 years, then took a 15 year break, played for a year and have not played professionally since. Premire Bass amp Farfisa Compact deluxe W/Leslie147 and Combo Preamp Key split to a Traynor 2-15 bass amp(2) Leslie Model 16 Fender Super Reverb black face Kustom Bass amp 2-15 Black Rolled (2) Wurlitzer 200A EPs and a Model 120 (Beat) Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73Hammond L-111 W/New Leslie 147 and Leslie 900 Univox CP115B Electric Piano ARP Odyssey 1 White Ampeg V4b head W/2-4x12 cabs.. Roughly in order of appearance: A couple of accordions - models escape me Wurlitzer console piano Farfisa Fast Four1976 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73Crumar Performer Sequential Circuits Pro One Roland Juno 60Sequential Circuits Six Track Oberheim Matrix 6Yamaha DX-7Ensoniq Piano (never can remember the model #)Casio MT-240Yamaha TX81ZEnsoniq SQ-80Roland U-20Roland EM-305* 18 year break *Nord Electro 2-61Yamaha PSR-S710Pramberger PS-157Nord Electro 3-73Kurzweil PC361Hammond M3Nord Electro 3HPNord Electro 4DI remember some of my amps and outboard stuff, but not all of it: Fender Bassman 10Leslie 825Some speakers by a company called MBODuovox accordion/bass amp Custom built 3-way speaker cabinet ART delay Alesis Microverb Crate KX-200 Keyboard amp QSC K10Various mixers and other stuff Yessir, I bought most of my new KBs from Len (RIP). Later on, I bought the Yamaha S80 (Roger) and Yamaha Motif ES8 (Phil) from WMC too.

Shure mics and miles of cables RMI Electra Piano After 10 years off I started again relieving my GAS around 1985 to present: Seil DK600 Italian Synththrough a Rockman headphone amp Always ran stereo forever after that! Yeah mayne, the DC area has it in spades when it comes to music stores with great salespeople.

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) keytar- sold Alesis MMT8 sequencer still have this Emu Proteus 1 module- broke, chucked it Roland JV880 module- sold Hammond M100 (got for free, traded for gym gear after a couple years)Rhodes VK1000 organ (still have)Alesis S4 module sold Roland VK7 organ sold for Electro Yamaha P50 piano sold for Electro Alesis DM5 drum module (still have)Nord Electro (the original model) sold for Stage Nord Lead 2 sold for Stage- should have kept Yamaha S90ES sold for S70XSEmu MK6 (still have)Nord Stage Compact- sold for FA08Yamaha S70XS (still have, selling soon)Hammond SK1-73 (current rig)Roland FA08 (current rig)Hammond Aurora Classic- a freebie I picked up recently.

)200Motion Sound KP200SAER Compact 60AER Domino QSC K10Roland SA-300Neo Ventilator Holy s*#t. Now, I'll add up how much I've earned since the first one.

Howard Combo Organ Hammond L-111Hammond M3Hammond CV3Mini Moog DWurlitzer 140BYamaha CP30Yamaha DX7Roland D50Korg M1Korg CX3Yamaha P80Yamaha CP300Yamaha P90Petrof IV Grand Hohner Melodica Kurzweil SP4-7AS Kawai EX Pro Nord Electro 2Nord Stage 2Leslie 122Wire Amplifiers Kustom 200Gallien-Kruger RK(?

Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth. Yeah, I compiled a LEL a year or so back, and - surprise - it's had some revisions since then.

My first thought was, "Holy bat guano, I'd better hide this; my family and friends will commit me to an institution".

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